Red Dust Dreams - The Australian Outback

Australia is massive and much of it is called the 'outback'. It is sparse, dry, dusty and beautiful.

Lannah Sawers-Diggins was born and raised in the outback on their sheep station 'Pitcairn'. From these early beginning, the love for the wild Australian country was born.

Red Dust Dreams tells the story from a different perspective. It tells of the day-to-day life in the outback, on a 'station', some as big as a small country. The hardships, endurance, fun and love of this wild land are all part of Australian outback life.


Red Dust Dreams was chosen as a Finalist in the 2017 International Book Awards. The Australian Outback is of interest to many people across the world, and I hope my book bring hours of pleasure to those who read it.

Watch interview with Lannah about her book

Outback Australia

First Part of the Doco – Our Trip to Newman

Again I cannot help but think how amazing our outback is. And what a way to see it – going out, interviewing, photographing and filming everything and everyone – well, OK, maybe not everything and everyone – we are having to be a bit more ‘picky’ in order to fit everything in. This last trip, […]

10 Jul 17 outbackgirl

Something weird happened to me recently – and really made me think…

Actually – where was anything that horrible day?  It didn’t start out as a horrible day. It started out as a really lovely day. It was a Thursday – the day I have lunch with my eldest daughter and my grandson. And it is a day that I always look forward to. However, this particular Thursday […]

20 Jun 17 outbackgirl

Book’s finished – now for the launch and the documentary and…

The book is now finished and very close to publication. Plans for the launch are underway. So are plans for the documentary, which promises to be brilliant, all going well. And then I am looking at a new online business venture, also relating to the outback. Actually, something exciting seems to pop up almost daily […]

13 Jan 17 outbackgirl

The End Is In Sight – But There Is A Future…

Five years ‘down the track’ and ‘Red Dust Dreams’ has finally gone to publication and I am looking at trying to organize a major launch for it, while also ‘working’ on plans for the documentary of the same name. I also plan to return to the work force on a part time basis in 2017 […]

30 Dec 16 outbackgirl

The Outback is Beautiful – But you Need to Prepare. It Can Save Your Life

  THE OUTBACK IS BEAUTIFUL – BUT THE NEED TO PREPARE IS ESSENTIAL – INDEED, CAN BE LIFE-SAVING     Make no mistake! The mighty outback of Australia is very beautiful, spectacular, stunning – and can be deadly. So if you want to see it for yourself (and who wouldn’t…) – PLEASE PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE! This […]

21 Aug 16 outbackgirl

This is IT!

I’m quite gobsmacked. At myself! Doing what I have been doing for the last few years is, to me, sure proof that age can be irrelevant – you can pretty well do anything you want to do, regardless of your age. Yes, there would be limitations to that – legal and health issues would come […]

18 Jul 16 outbackgirl

The Final Research Trip is Over – But There is Still Lots ‘n Lots of the Outback to See…

  Sadly my final research trip has finished. It’s all over. But there is still just so much of the outback to see. I have been home for all of two days now and have already started checking out coach tours for the Gibb River Road, the NT., Cape York and – well, lots’n’lots more. […]

23 Aug 15 outbackgirl

I’ve Been to the Kimberley – At Last!!

 Well, OK – into the western edge of it, but enough to get just a glimpse of how spectacular it is. I continue to travel throughout our great outback and the further I go, the more I love it. There is just so much to see and learn out there – at this stage, I […]

26 Jul 15 outbackgirl

Western Australia – You’re Next!

  Believe it or not – the book on stations, or the stations book, or Red Dust Dreams – is finally looking like heading toward publication.  I have slotted that in for the end of 2015!  All images for the participating stations to date have been issued, except WA – and some have already been […]

30 Apr 15 outbackgirl

Queen of the Desert

Hello again.  Just thought you might like to see a pretty famous shoe – belonging to ‘Priscilla – Queen of the Desert’, no less.  I suppose the other one does too – actually, I don’t think there is another one.  For those who have seen the film, it’s the one that sat on top of the […]

18 Aug 14 outbackgirl

Crocodiles and RFDS Ball

Hello again.  I have just returned from another amazing trip – to Adelaide, up to Broken Hill, back to Adelaide, up to the Alice and then up to Darwin.  Still the best way to see the best part of the nation in my opinion – the outback by coach.  The amazing Greyhound drivers once again transported […]

31 May 14 outbackgirl

More Research…

Hi all – apologies for the silence but while I have been very busy since I returned to Perth after the Qld part of the research trips in September, I haven’t been on any further trips – apart from a really lovely day up to visit some of our retired pastoralists out of New Norcia.  […]

18 Apr 14 outbackgirl

The Rest of Qld

        We are now into November and seem to be in an awful hurry to reach Christmas.  I’M not in a hurry but the rest of the world seems to be!  And I appear to have been somewhat remiss in that I have neglected to finish the rest of the Qld part of […]

28 Nov 13 outbackgirl

What a FANtastic Adventure This is

What a brilliant way to see Australia!  And well off the beaten track.  I am enjoying this just so much – tiring yes but I would not miss any of it for anything. I am now over half way through the Qld leg of the research trips for our book on stations.  The first couple […]

15 Sep 13 outbackgirl

What? No Water? No Power?

It’s dark and you want the light on.  You flick the switch.  Hey presto – light.  Or – if it doesn’t switch on, you are a tad frustrated.  It means one of several things – you haven’t paid the power bill, or there’s a blackout for some reason – or the globe’s gone.  Whatever, you […]

10 Jul 13 outbackgirl

Qld – Here I Come – Beware – Be Very Ware

Arrangements for the Qld leg of the research trips for our book are well underway – and again – I am really looking forward to it.  Before I continue, a big welcome to the new stations which have come onboard, along with a lot of people who have visited stations – and towns in the […]

08 Jul 13 outbackgirl

Home Again – Now for the Homework – and Preparations for the Qld Leg

Home again.  The first leg of the research trips for our book is over – sort of.  Actually, it is nothing like being fully complete – but the travelling part is behind me – for this part – I think.  Prior to embarking on this trip I had established contact with yet more people – for […]

25 May 13 outbackgirl

This Amazing Adventure Continues – and I can’t get enough

The adventure certainly does continue.  I am now in Cobar, somewhere near the middle of NSW.   Sally Henery was lovely enough to drive me from  Alpana Station to Port Augusta so I could visit my own old SotA base there.  And I did.  However I had been unable to contact that SotA for a few reasons […]

14 May 13 outbackgirl

My First Station Visit Completed – sort of – And It’s TERRIFIC

Well!  What can I say?  It is all very real and to be able to describe my feelings – I can’t.  I just can’t.  Try to expand on ‘euphoric’ – and you still won’t come anywhere near to it – but that should give you a bit of an idea.  Simple as that.  I am absolutely and […]

05 May 13 outbackgirl

The Countdown Is On

The Book on Stations – or the Stations Book.  The research trips for this – or the first of them – is finally underway.  It is all rather hard to believe still and even though I have now left Perth for this first leg, it is still just ‘hitting’ me – the commitment which I […]

30 Apr 13 outbackgirl